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Bali Swing Tour is an adventure activity that we created for those of you who want to enjoy swings on the island of Bali with very beautiful scenery in the forest, really the sensation of a tour that is different from the others. Swing in Bali is an activity that has just been introduced, but because of the enthusiasm of the tourists who want to try this activity making swing activities famous among domestic and foreign tourists. The activity is located in the village of Bongkasa, close to Ubud. And this swing attraction can be combined with several tours to visit tourism objects in Bali.Bali Swing has 15 swings for 1 person with many swing height choices. There are swings with a height of 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters and 78 meters above the ground. Each Swing will offer a different sensation because of the different heights, which are more exciting swings depending on your courage. All swings are positioned to face a valley filled with trees, and views of the river. Setting the position of the Swing is what makes the Bali Swing Ubud ride very popular. So which ever swing you choose, you will still get beautiful natural scenery.

My Advice : In Bali there are many swing companies mainly located arround Ubud area with price starting from 10$ till 35$. My Advice to you bassed on my expreince with my customer. you don't need to book first you can fly any time.

so flexsible right?

some companies on certain days, sometime offer special deal wich are certainly cheaper than usual price, if you lucky!

Ussually close arround 5 pm.

it is good if you do this activity when you travel to ubud area and ussually the driver will recomend the most interesting place and affordable price.

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